Lisbon Coworking Space - The Liz, Anjos/Graca

Rent The Liz:

An office for your team of 5-30 people.

An event space for up to 30 people.

An easy-to-book, beautiful coworking/event space, in Anjos/Graca, Lisbon, Portugal.
We can only provide 
space for groups (not individuals anymore, sorry!).


A big, funky, shared office space. 
Rent it for your team of 5-30 people (sorry, no individuals). 

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Rent The Liz, for events:

Good news: Rent the whole beautiful space for your event. PA system & projector available.
Sad news: 
Music must finish at 22:30 and you have to leave by 23:00. 

Open for teams, now!

 The Liz is…
• A great place for your teams to work
• A great place to hold your events

Interested in working from here?

We recommend Whatsap’ping us.

Excellent office chairs, meeting room, phone-booths, power-points everywhere, two lounges with comfy sofas, kitchen and more. 

Coworking in Lisbon at The Liz

The Liz: Event space and shared office space. Click to expand.

What is The Liz?

Hi! I’m Vin, from the UK.

As a digital-nomad myself, I have a good idea what I want from a co-working space. So I built it. 

At first I thought it could be used by individuals every day but I soon realised it would only work by renting it to groups.

This place is an incredible location, next to lively places to eat & drink.

Use the WhatsApp button to get in touch.

Lisbon Coworking Space - DAY ONE

Above: The Liz, back in 2022.